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Privacy Policy

Forex Optimum Group Ltd. is committed to ensuring the privacy and protection of client personal data and the financial information associated with its clients.

We use advanced technologies to ensure the safety, thereby enhancing the privacy of the information obtained. This provides the company's clients with high security while dealing with financial instruments.

The personal data and contact information of our clients is provided while submitting an application to open an account or joining other programs (stocks, bonuses, competitions, etc.).

We use the data obtained solely for communication purposes with clients and we do not disclose it to any third parties unless required by law, and in the circumstances below:

— The company may pass on the data to agents and third parties acting based on an agreement with the company in case where the company is required to fulfill its obligations towards the client that are performed by its partners.

— The company may use cookies, which do no contain confidential information and are not transmitted to third parties.

— The client's IP address information is not used to identify the client as a person, but it may be collected and stored by the company.

— If the information is made publicly available by the client on the company's website, then the company is not responsible for it.

— In case the client voluntarily submits their contact information, login and password to third parties, the company cannot be held responsible.

Forex Optimum Group Ltd. uses the contact data obtained to comply with its obligations towards the client as well as assess and analyze its activities and its website's operation, identify the winners and participants of competitions and promotions conducted by the company.

By using personal data lawfully obtained, Forex Optimum Group Ltd. has the right to send a communication to its clients for informational and promotional purposes.

Such communication is sent as an email to the email address and/or text message (SMS) to the phone number specified by the client when completing the registration process on the website or while submitting an application to join a competition, promotion and other activity organized by Forex Optimum Group Ltd.

The client may opt out of receiving promotional and informational communications from Forex Optimim Group Ltd. For this purpose, each promotional communication sent by email contains an opt-out link. To unsubscribe, click on the link.

For more information, please email at

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Peringatan resiko

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Privacy Policy


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